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Rate and what they include:



The rates include the following -


 o free constructing of the booth (an hour before the event) and dismantling of the booth (at the end of the event) in and around Durban

 o hiring of the photo booth

 o unlimited number of photos

 o a CD with all the photos

 o the photos are hosted on the website




6pm setup time                   - 6pm to Midnight                                : R1200

4pm setup time                   - 4pm to Midnight                                : R1400

2pm setup time                   - 2 pm to Midnight                               : R1600

NB: Setup time must be at least 1 hour before the start of your event.

Additional Hourly Rate (when exceeding allotted time)                        : R250

Box of Props to Hire                                                                       : R200


Please feel free to contact us even if you are not in the Durban area, or if you are needing the booth for a day-time event.